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Aftersocks™ NZ contributes to the Rural Women New Zealand Adverse Events Relief Fund supporting those who live rurally, and need financial assistance following an adverse event or natural disaster.

Need assistance? Or know of someone who does? Please read our fund criteria below and get in touch today.

Grants may be awarded as follows:

  • To assist families in time of natural disaster
  • To assist the elderly, the young or any family or person for their need in a time of natural disaster
  • To assist community groups and organisations in need in a time of natural disaster

As part of your application you are required to provide the contact details for a referee. This is a representative from your community who can verify your application. For example your referee may be a:

  • Rural Support Trust Representative
  • Mayor
  • Community Board Member
  • District Councillor
  • Other


Grants of up to $1,000 may be awarded. If there is a request for additional funds, this may be considered.


All applications will be confidentially submitted to the Adverse Events Relief Fund Committee and the Rural Women New Zealand Board, as required. No names will be published, although a summary of the type of assistance granted may be printed in the quarterly Rural Women New Zealand publication, Express, and used for other promotional purposes.

Contact from Rural Women New Zealand

We will endeavour to contact applicants within 3 working days of The National Office receiving the request for funding. Notification of confirmation or decline should be received within 10 days of your request.

For further information or to speak to us directly, please use our contact form or call the office on 04 473 5524.

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