Aftersocks™ NZ boosts support for rural communities

The Aftersocks™ NZ campaign is an award-winning philanthropic initiative of Rural Women New Zealand, assisting affected individuals, community groups and organisations in rural areas, following disruptive environmental events.

Over 21,000 pairs of New Zealand made merino socks have been sold, with proceeds contributing over $130,000 into communities since 2010. The recent Kaikōura earthquakes heightened the need to continue this support and include adverse events that have since followed; fire, floods and drought.

To support this campaign, RWNZ have just launched a website, where you can Buy, Wear and Share your support with others. 

RWNZ National President, Fiona Gower, is encouraging members to join the campaign on social media, “wear and share your support by uploading a photo and tagging the @aftersocksnz Facebook page. We want to see you wearing your pair of Aftersocks™ in support of affected rural communities”. The campaign aims to attract support for the fund, to then distribute back into those rural communities most in need.

The Aftersocks™ NZ campaign promotes New Zealand supporting New Zealand made, supporting New Zealanders. The rural sector is a valuable industry, and what better way to continue to support this, than producing a product from merino wool. RWNZ has teamed up with The New Zealand Sock Company in Ashburton to produce Aftersocks™. This relationship now spans 6 years, with Sales Manager Jared Moore seeing it as “a privilege to work alongside Rural Women New Zealand, they are proactive, think outside the square, and they are doing great things in the wider community”.



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